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I’ve always been passionate about art, so in 2014 I started designing jewellery and in 2016 I launched Shetland Sea Glass.  From almost 1,700 miles of Shetland coastline, I gather the material the sea deposits onto our shores and sandy beaches (often helped by my dog Max!), which includes sea glass, pottery and drift wood. It’s from this material I create beautiful jewellery and wall art.  My Sea Glass and other jewellery is highly sought after by both local and worldwide customers. I also make custom-made jewellery by request for Special Gifts, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements and Weddings.

Dion Wilkinson

Founder & Artisan

Beachcombing for Shetland Sea Glass

Max my helper!

Ethically Sourced Materials

Natural Sea Glass is not created overnight, but takes years to form and develop through tumbling and hydration.

Most of the Sea glass that I find comes from broken glass from bottles, lamps, table wear, or may even come from a ship wreck.  It tumbles in the sea for years until the edges are rounded off

Hydration is another process that affects the appearance of sea glass. The exposure to salt water strips the glass of its lime and soda contents, creating small pits in the glass and a frosty appearance.

When searching for sea glass with my dog Max, which can take many hours, I usually come across a few different colours. Theses are more commonly found and include brown, green, or white. Glass containing these colours typically comes from broken bottles or jars. Amber, aqua, and olive-green beach glass may come from cosmetic jars or medicine bottles. Sometimes I find black, grey, pink, blue, or amethyst beach glass. These colours are more difficult to find as there was less glass made with these colours.

In Seaham a century ago there were two bottle works Seaham bottle works and Londonderry Bottle works, they were bought and expanded by John Candlish and renamed Candlish bottle works, bottle production reached 30,000 a day. The glass was exported around the world. Discarded, broken or below standard glass, at the end of each day was melted into “Gobs” and hurled from the cliffs below the factory. The beach below became known as the chemical beach, this has made Seaham and adjoining beaches a rich source of rare coloured, mixed colours and patterned sea glass.

If I’m really lucky, I might come across orange, red, or yellow sea glass. Glass with these colours often come from ship lanterns and are among the most difficult to find colours.

When it comes to packaging, I use recycled materials and presentation boxes – and I avoid plastics!




Sea Glass Suncatcher

Weddings  Anniversaries  Birthdays Gifts

Custom Made Designs

If you are planning a very special occasion such as a Wedding, Birthday or Anniversary we’ll make you a custom made design of your choice. It could be a necklace, earrings, bracelet broach or pendant, mobile, picture  ….or an idea you might have!

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